Skyward Sword: Analysis

Before you do anything, watch this trailer and be blown away.

As you may have figured out, I love this trailer, and I’m hyped more than ever. Nintendo hasn’t really put a lot of information out for the LOZ community, so you can probably guess why this two minute trailer is significant. There are so many features shown that I can’t help but be impressed by the re imagining the Zelda development team has done.

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Random Encounter- June 4th, 2011

Hey, this is the first Random Encounter post for this blog. I am hoping to be able to write a Random Encounter every week or so, and each one consists of 4-5 articles, each one of them quite short. I haven’t really decided if each Random Encounter article will have a theme or be completely random, but this one will focus on some games that will be on display at E3. I am not 100% percent sure if Duke Nukem Forever will be on show, since it is coming out a week after the convention starts. Though part of me knows for a fact that Gearbox won’t let an opportunity to flaunt their game down, I don’t think it will affect game sales either way. To end the article, me and Steven (minirevolution) will be giving out some recommendations to some over-looked games. So, let the Random Encounter begin!


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Recommendation: Cave Story

Welcome to our first Recommendation in Lobotomyrobot, where we recommend games for you to play! This week I’d like everyone to try out Cave Story. Developed in 2004 by a Japanese indie game developer, Studio Pixel (really just one guy, Daisuke Amaya), Cave Story is an amazing experience. It has sprite-like graphics and old-school blip-and-bloop music, but it’s like that because it is an homage to games of yesteryear like Metroid and the old pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania games. This game has a tight, simple control scheme, fun variety of bosses, enemies, and levels, and a incredibly well-thought out storyline with multiple endings. Seriously, I was surprised at how serious the game’s story was, but it was all the more epic as a result. I highly recommend this game to those interested in indie games, and even those not really interested. Cave Story doesn’t disappoint.

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Top 20 Legend of Zelda Songs

When talking about great achievements in video game music, expect the words “Zelda” to come up a bit. The Zelda tracks were created by Koji Kondo, perhaps the most prolific composer in video game music history. What Kondo did so well was make music that was simple and emotional at the same time; it’s part of what makes the memories for the LOZ series so cherished.

So to come up with a list of the top 20 was no walk in the park. You may have noticed the huge time gap between this post and the last; it’s because this list was more than a typical top ten list. It was me putting all these amazing tracks in a competition between each other, and there were tons of tough decisions.

The tracks chosen were picked for their quality and the memories they bring up for me. You will definitely not agree 100% with me, but I hope that you’ll be satisfied nonetheless. And if you haven’t played the Zelda series yet, check them out. It’s only after experience that you can understand why I picked these songs.

The Indigo-go's approve of these songs...

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Aggression and Video Games

Violent Video Games Reduce Brain Response to Violence and Increase Aggressive Behavior, University of Missouri Study Finds from MU News Bureau on Vimeo.

It’s an issue that experienced video gamers have heard plenty about. Playing violent videos games has been correlated with increased violence. I have heard enough about this issue, but time and time again it has been brought up by researchers. I’m looking at the video above in particular, which follows a study by the University of Missouri. Subjects were shown images, some violent, after playing different video games. Those who played violent games had the least brain reactions to violent images. Alright, so playing violent games desensitizes people to unpleasant images.

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Top Ten Legend of Zelda Temples

And Zelda Week continues on! Our next post will concern the Top Ten Best Legend of Zelda Temples in the game. And this is a tough one, since there are so many decent candidates; suspect Ocarina of Time to go home with the most awards.

And the Triforce goes to...

First note: I do not see the 2D Zelda games as serious contenders. In my opinion, the 3D temples were far better. Also, these choices are MY opinion. So please peoples, do not get angry and troll me. So, let the list begin!

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Top Ten Legend of Zelda Quotes

Zelda games have always had a strong narrative to liven their story up. Zelda games always know when to make you smile, laugh or gasp at the right moments. These quotes are some of the most well known quotes in gaming, so don’t be surprised if you’ve heard these phrases before. Anyways, happy Zelda anniversary, and stay tune for more Zelda content later!

Before we start this Top Ten, I’d like to inform you that I did not put in the “ERROR” quote :D. The hype for this spelling mistake is somewhat annoying. Also, I have not considered the CD I games.

Am I the only one who doesn't find this funny?

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