Skyward Sword: Analysis

Before you do anything, watch this trailer and be blown away.

As you may have figured out, I love this trailer, and I’m hyped more than ever. Nintendo hasn’t really put a lot of information out for the LOZ community, so you can probably guess why this two minute trailer is significant. There are so many features shown that I can’t help but be impressed by the re imagining the Zelda development team has done.

For one, the graphics look great. If you’ve stayed up to date for Skyward Sword, you probably know the presentation is a combination of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. The graphics remind me of a painting, but that might just be me.


The trailer first shows off these crane-like birds; the first thing that came to my mind is transportation. At the end of the trailer, you’ll see how Link dives off the bird into a whirlwind like portal. This could be the path between Sky City and Hyrule. Hopefully this means there will be exploration in Sky City still, since the last thing we need our town to be is a transport hub.

Another great sight that took my breath away was the shot of Sky City (official name not confirmed, but this will do for now). It’s a bunch of islands linked up to together, from the looks of it. At the peak is a giant statue, most likely made to resemble a god; get ready lore hounds. I personally can’t wait to see what happens if I jump off the edge; hopefully something like what happens in Super Mario Galaxy.

Next we see the citizens of Sky City, which is one of the more worrying things about the trailer. No diverse characters are shown. If there aren’t any interesting citizens, a major mistake in Twilight Princess, I will be deeply disappointed; play Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker to find out what I mean.

Afterwards, we see Link walking outside, only to be stopped by a (frankly dull looking) girl, who could be Zelda. I personally hope not, though she seems the part.

Link is shown petting a giant bird later on, whose design reminds me that of the ship in Wind Waker. After that, Link and the girl are seen riding in the skies, when the girl is attacked by a giant worm-like creature, which at first resembles a dark cyclone. Link is pulled down, only to be saved by a mystical looking girl, confirmed to be the Master Sword in earlier press releases. The first thing that came to my mind is the similarities between the earlier statue and this girl. Both have their eyes closed, and the statue is holding her hands around a object, which could very well be the crystal on the girl’s chest. Both have wings as well.

On with the green costume! Link dons his famous armor, given to him by a man who looks suspiciously like Rauru, the Sage of Light from Ocarina of Time. This is a big deal, since Skyward Sword is chronologically placed before Ocarina of Time, and we don’t know much about Rauru.

Only close up I could find, so pardon the French.

One major thing I can concerned about is how Link looks. It’s… sad. His lips are too heavy. That seems to be the only problem. The Link in Twilight Princess is much better. Also, this Link is right handed. Eat up, lore hounds.

The new species, the mammals with nuts (?) on their back, is another great addition. Hopefully this mammal doesn’t become a useless feature like the Ooccoos. My main question is what the nut (?) on its back will do.

The monsters shown are pretty cool, such as the three headed lizard and the new moblins. The fire environments are stunning, as usual, and remind me of Wind Waker. There’s also a huge eyeball on legs that reminds me of a creature in Majora’s Mask, since both occupy long passageways. Also, check out the moles, which look like references to Mario.

The last bit was exciting, and at the same time a letdown. The pale, half naked guy is indeed the main enemy. I was hoping that he wasn’t, since there is speculation he could be a Twili. Also, he doesn’t look very interesting at all. On another link, there is a video of a boss battle with him, which looks almost as dull as the new “Zelda”.

Ganondorf was cool. The Moon was cool. Obese Ganondorf was cool. This? Nah.

But in the end, I am pumped. There’s no other words for it. Skyward Sword comes out this summer, so we’re nearly there! Just after final exams of course :(. So, comment on the bottom and tell me what you think of the trailer!

Pictures courtesy of IGN. Thanks!


The “Sky City” is called Skyloft. I somewhat forgot that while writing my article… sorry.

When Link jumps off, he is caught by a bird and continues the game in the air. I didn’t include this in the main article, even though it seemed obvious, but I was just making sure. The last thing I want is to spread false information.

The name of the villain is Demon Lord Ghirahim. Sorry if you read the article and assume his name was “Debbie”, which was early speculation. This name is a lot better.

According to sources, Demon Lord Ghirahim’s first name is Debbie. Jesus.

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