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Recommendation: Cave Story

Welcome to our first Recommendation in Lobotomyrobot, where we recommend games for you to play! This week I’d like everyone to try out Cave Story. Developed in 2004 by a Japanese indie game developer, Studio Pixel (really just one guy, Daisuke Amaya), Cave Story is an amazing experience. It has sprite-like graphics and old-school blip-and-bloop music, but it’s like that because it is an homage to games of yesteryear like Metroid and the old pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania games. This game has a tight, simple control scheme, fun variety of bosses, enemies, and levels, and a incredibly well-thought out storyline with multiple endings. Seriously, I was surprised at how serious the game’s story was, but it was all the more epic as a result. I highly recommend this game to those interested in indie games, and even those not really interested. Cave Story doesn’t disappoint.

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