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Random Encounter- June 4th, 2011

Hey, this is the first Random Encounter post for this blog. I am hoping to be able to write a Random Encounter every week or so, and each one consists of 4-5 articles, each one of them quite short. I haven’t really decided if each Random Encounter article will have a theme or be completely random, but this one will focus on some games that will be on display at E3. I am not 100% percent sure if Duke Nukem Forever will be on show, since it is coming out a week after the convention starts. Though part of me knows for a fact that Gearbox won’t let an opportunity to flaunt their game down, I don’t think it will affect game sales either way. To end the article, me and Steven (minirevolution) will be giving out some recommendations to some over-looked games. So, let the Random Encounter begin!


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