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Top 20 Legend of Zelda Songs

When talking about great achievements in video game music, expect the words “Zelda” to come up a bit. The Zelda tracks were created by Koji Kondo, perhaps the most prolific composer in video game music history. What Kondo did so well was make music that was simple and emotional at the same time; it’s part of what makes the memories for the LOZ series so cherished.

So to come up with a list of the top 20 was no walk in the park. You may have noticed the huge time gap between this post and the last; it’s because this list was more than a typical top ten list. It was me putting all these amazing tracks in a competition between each other, and there were tons of tough decisions.

The tracks chosen were picked for their quality and the memories they bring up for me. You will definitely not agree 100% with me, but I hope that you’ll be satisfied nonetheless. And if you haven’t played the Zelda series yet, check them out. It’s only after experience that you can understand why I picked these songs.

The Indigo-go's approve of these songs...

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Top Ten Legend of Zelda Temples

And Zelda Week continues on! Our next post will concern the Top Ten Best Legend of Zelda Temples in the game. And this is a tough one, since there are so many decent candidates; suspect Ocarina of Time to go home with the most awards.

And the Triforce goes to...

First note: I do not see the 2D Zelda games as serious contenders. In my opinion, the 3D temples were far better. Also, these choices are MY opinion. So please peoples, do not get angry and troll me. So, let the list begin!

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Top Ten Legend of Zelda Quotes

Zelda games have always had a strong narrative to liven their story up. Zelda games always know when to make you smile, laugh or gasp at the right moments. These quotes are some of the most well known quotes in gaming, so don’t be surprised if you’ve heard these phrases before. Anyways, happy Zelda anniversary, and stay tune for more Zelda content later!

Before we start this Top Ten, I’d like to inform you that I did not put in the “ERROR” quote :D. The hype for this spelling mistake is somewhat annoying. Also, I have not considered the CD I games.

Am I the only one who doesn't find this funny?

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Top 10 Personal Favorite Star Fox 64 Quotes

‘sup. Howyadoin?

I’m not exactly Lobotomyrobot, but he did give me permission to post here if I feel like it.

So here is my personal top 10 Starfox 64 quotes, because that game was so good. Seriously, I never played Adventure (my cousin did. It looks… okay. Super Mario 2-ish), Assault DID stay somewhat true to this game, and I must admit Namco did try their best and it came out okay, and Command was just… 😡


Location confirmed. Sending supplies.

Rob 64

I kinda liked Rob 64 when I was younger. He wasn’t really that cool of an awesome fighter robot, but he was essential to the team. He’d repair your ships, repair the Great Fox, and even shoot down enemies in Area 6 (although that took away from your score). He also would send you supplies if you responded to his call, like in this quote. He’d send you an extra wing if you’ve damaged your left/right wing, or a max health pickup if your Arwing was close to death, or a bomb if you didn’t have enough. He’s a cool support character, and he deserves a spot on here at least.

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Top Ten Comic Strip Characters

Yup, another Top Ten list. At the moment I am pretty tied up, so I decided to skip an essay or discussion topic.

I chose this topic since I do have some knowledge in comics, and since I don’t see these types of lists hanging around on the Internet. When I say “Characters” I mean characters, not the strip itself. For example, the strip “Zits”. While it’s good, the characters seem pretty generic. The main character seems to feel the same way average teenagers feel; while this is very relatable, I don’t feel as if Jeremy is very special. The characters on this list are, however, though you’ll find a bias towards one comic strip that cannot be avoided. Remember, these are not my favorite characters, but the ones that I think are the best.


Linus van Pelt

How fitting.

Linus is everything you want in a best friend. He’s confident, smart, and uplifting. He is a foil to Charlie Brown’s depressing aura. And at the same time he is very unique. He is philosophical, always able to find sanity in a bad situation. I remember this one scene at the end of the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and for me it is the best scene in the episode. After Charlie Brown is ridiculed by all his peers, Linus recites a line from the Bible, ending the conflict. For me that sums up the person that is Linus. Not only that, but he has started some great concepts, such as his affinity towards his blanket, and his obsession with the Great Pumpkin.

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Top Ten Good, Yet Disappointing Games

What does the title mean you ask?

Well, it means the game was good, yet there was SOMETHING missing. The games I have on this Top Ten List are games that I thoroughly enjoyed, yet was disappointed due to design choices that I felt were… overlooked.


Fallout New Vegas

Hi there!

I haven’t finished the game yet, but Fallout 3 overshadows this game easily. For me, Fallout 3 is better in many aspects; I can’t really state why it was better. It just was. Maybe because I played Fallout 3 first, and that New Vegas didn’t introduce anything new. I’m sorry, but traits and throwing weapons just won’t cut it. Also, the glitches and bugs in New Vegas were more abundant than in Fallout 3’s launch. The world IS bigger, but really?

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Top Ten Personal Favorite Gaming Quotes

Well, I’ve decided to start off my blog with a Top Ten, since these things tend to garner lots ofviews :D. I’ll be posting other stuff up once I get more clicks. Also, don’t be afraid to comment! At this point, comments are highly appreciated. Thanks

So onto the list. Something that isn’t as appreciated now as it was before is dialogue. Since most gamers would rather skip to the action instead of interacting with NPCs, dialogue has been given the backseat. This shows up in games like COD, where the dialogue is at times mediocre. What seperates good quotes from bad quotes are how they stand out. Sorry for using COD as an example, but for me most of the quotes are quite generic; Same goes for most war based games.

Now, I’ve tried to spread the quotes from many genres, since I do have a tendency to lean towards certain types of games when it comes to quotes. So, let the list begin.


“Finish him!”- Mortal Kombat


In the game, you are a kombatant fighting for your LIFE while being watched over the by the evil lord Shao Kahn. After you finally beat your foe, Kahn shouts “Finish Him!” which is the signal to perform your fatality. Mortal Kombat is famous for its fatalities; it basically carried the whole franchise to fame. Not only that, but this phrase created the ESRB rating. THE ESRB RATING! No quote has changed the industry this much.

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