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Top Ten Legend of Zelda Temples

And Zelda Week continues on! Our next post will concern the Top Ten Best Legend of Zelda Temples in the game. And this is a tough one, since there are so many decent candidates; suspect Ocarina of Time to go home with the most awards.

And the Triforce goes to...

First note: I do not see the 2D Zelda games as serious contenders. In my opinion, the 3D temples were far better. Also, these choices are MY opinion. So please peoples, do not get angry and troll me. So, let the list begin!

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Introducing the first post of my first blog! For all you poor souls that wander onto this page, my blog is about gaming. I’ll be writing up some of my thoughts, make some fun Top Ten Lists, and occasionally wander to movie themed articles.
So, here’s to! Hope you enjoy 😀