Is Legend of Zelda the Greatest Game of All Time? + Zelda Anniversary!

As you may know, this year marks the 25th anniversary of my favorite video game series: The Legend of Zelda. There’s a reason why the LOZ series is acclaimed, and that’s due to the quality consistency every game delivers. I will be putting out some Zelda-related content for the next few days, but today I will discuss one of the most controversial games ever made: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Every moment is memorable. For example, I clearly remember this from the Forest Temple

What is so controversial about this game? Half the world thinks it’s overrated, and the other half adores it. Since “half of the world” consists mostly of the generation of gamers that experienced OoT when it first came out, many argue their love for the game is nostalgia. Also, those same people have played so many modern games that OoT’s limited technology is too dated to immerse them. Remember: from here on, everything written is my opinion. No need to judge :D.

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My Thoughts on the NGP

Think PS3, in your hands. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it’s damn close. After seeing a screenshot of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on the NGP, I have a feeling that the handheld will do very well. Will it put Sony back into the handheld scene. Definitely not.
You may be confused at this statement, since I did praise it. It has stunning graphics, an inch wide, streamlined design and a library of PS3 games. Already it sounds next generation, like the title implies. But commercial wise it will suffer. Here’s my list of reasons.

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My Wish List for Skyward Sword

The most exciting game that is dated to release this summer is Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Recently, I had played all the 3D Zelda games for the first time. Before, I looked at them with apprehension. Would the games be as good as IGN said they were? Well, IGN was completely right with their verdicts: All the games were great! Each sequel would bust out an awesome new mechanic, accompanied with a touching story and great puzzles. Today, Majora’s Mask is my favorite game of all time.

A reason why Majora's Mask is awesome: you fight some Aztec guy. Oh yeah

Not to say the other 3D Zeldas were not as good. They were close to Majora’s Mask’s quality, but they were missing something. In fact, it feels as if every Zelda game is missing something. It’s a shame that the developers of each LOZ game improves on one aspect, then dismisses some other ones.

This list is exactly that: All the aspects that should be tied up in one game. Of course, I’ll add in some features I’d love to see which have never appeared in a 3D Zelda game. So, let’s begin chronologically!

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Future of Nintendo- May 2011

There is no doubt that the Wii was a commercial success, but for the consumers, it was a failure. Nintendo has been doing this for years, shunning the mature gamers ever since the N64.

In 1996, the Nintendo 64 was released, and graphically it was inferior to the other systems to come. Game companies went with the PlayStation, since games were expanding in memory size. Nintendo stuck with cartridges, a faster, more traditional and sturdy option compared to the CDs Sony and Sega opted for. Finally, Nintendo switched over to CDs for the GameCube, but the damage was done. Most of the companies producing mature games had turned in favor to the XBOX and the PS2.

Nintendo took it all in stride. In 2006, the Wii was released, and compared to the XBOX360 and the PS3, it sold better.

Now, in 2011, most gamers watch Nintendo with apprehension. Their technology (motion) has shunted even more game companies, and the future for Nintendo has become unclear…. until now!

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Top 10 Personal Favorite Star Fox 64 Quotes

‘sup. Howyadoin?

I’m not exactly Lobotomyrobot, but he did give me permission to post here if I feel like it.

So here is my personal top 10 Starfox 64 quotes, because that game was so good. Seriously, I never played Adventure (my cousin did. It looks… okay. Super Mario 2-ish), Assault DID stay somewhat true to this game, and I must admit Namco did try their best and it came out okay, and Command was just… 😡


Location confirmed. Sending supplies.

Rob 64

I kinda liked Rob 64 when I was younger. He wasn’t really that cool of an awesome fighter robot, but he was essential to the team. He’d repair your ships, repair the Great Fox, and even shoot down enemies in Area 6 (although that took away from your score). He also would send you supplies if you responded to his call, like in this quote. He’d send you an extra wing if you’ve damaged your left/right wing, or a max health pickup if your Arwing was close to death, or a bomb if you didn’t have enough. He’s a cool support character, and he deserves a spot on here at least.

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Top Ten Comic Strip Characters

Yup, another Top Ten list. At the moment I am pretty tied up, so I decided to skip an essay or discussion topic.

I chose this topic since I do have some knowledge in comics, and since I don’t see these types of lists hanging around on the Internet. When I say “Characters” I mean characters, not the strip itself. For example, the strip “Zits”. While it’s good, the characters seem pretty generic. The main character seems to feel the same way average teenagers feel; while this is very relatable, I don’t feel as if Jeremy is very special. The characters on this list are, however, though you’ll find a bias towards one comic strip that cannot be avoided. Remember, these are not my favorite characters, but the ones that I think are the best.


Linus van Pelt

How fitting.

Linus is everything you want in a best friend. He’s confident, smart, and uplifting. He is a foil to Charlie Brown’s depressing aura. And at the same time he is very unique. He is philosophical, always able to find sanity in a bad situation. I remember this one scene at the end of the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and for me it is the best scene in the episode. After Charlie Brown is ridiculed by all his peers, Linus recites a line from the Bible, ending the conflict. For me that sums up the person that is Linus. Not only that, but he has started some great concepts, such as his affinity towards his blanket, and his obsession with the Great Pumpkin.

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Skyrim: Improvements

Like most fans of Oblivion, I am psyched for Skyrim. Considering how good Oblivion was, Skyrim will be a quality game. There is no doubt about it. Bethesda has proved time and time again that they are masters in the RPG field.

Now, if we go back to the time of Oblivion’s release, we will witness the actions of people who didn’t like Oblivion. These people are the Morrowind group, the hardcore who didn’t find Oblivion remotely fun, but frustrating. And who can blame them? The massive, and near perfect world of Morrowind was transformed into a sequel they saw as flawed. And they were partially right. So many poor design choices were made that some felt the game was only playable when it was modded.

Thankfully, the team at Skyrim have heard, watched and learned. Here are some improvements over Oblivion that they promise to make:

-Stronger Arrows

-Better Graphics

-No Scaled Leveling

-A bigger, less generic world

-A better interface

-Less bugs (which means there’ll still be bugs… ugh)


Yet, even with these changes, I still feel that the game will share Oblivion’s reception. Here are some massive changes I feel that the designers should look upon (they probably have, but it’s still good to hope they’ll do something about it :D).

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